K&W’s History

It’s 1972, and you could buy a brand new Chevrolet Monte Carlo (V-8!) for under $3,500.  And with gas under 40 cents a gallon, you could afford to fill ‘er up at the station where the attendant pumped your gas.    Sounds incredible, but it was only 38 years ago, the year Bill Williams opened K&W Greenery.

K&W Greenery has always been right where it is now, on Hwy 14 at Kennedy Rd.  The site was a small farm, located on the edge of Janesville.   Bill’s hobby of growing plants was taking over the basement and the backyard.  A true American entrepreneur, Bill found this location as a place to start a plant shop.   The first garden shop was in the old farmhouse there, where he added  a small greenhouse .  The plants sold were grown from seed or cuttings, and the company just about broke even for that year.  But slowly, progress was being made, and a Janesville landmark was growing.

Today, K&W Greenery welcomes over 200,000 customers a year. The basic initial offering of a few houseplants and flowers has increased to include an extensive greenhouse growing operation with about 2 acres under cover.   Although the number of greenhouses has increased, it’s typical of the company’s  ethic that the first little greenhouse has been recycled and repurposed as a potting shed.

K&W also grew to incorporate a nursery that is widely considered one of southern Wisconsin’s finest.  In just the past few years, a premier rose growing operation as well as a tree farm has been added, in order to insure that K&W can always offer the best quality, healthy plants that they know will grow beautifully for customers.   K&W’s Design/Build Landscape division creates yards of natural beauty and custom stonework  for homeowners.  The state’s first Certified Landscape Technician came from K&W Greenery.