Our Staff

Getting to know Jordan Graffin

Job Title: Retail Sale and Marketing

Number of Years at K&W: Since 4 years old (and not telling the rest!)

Areas of Experience at K&W: Daughter of the owners of K&W Greenery, Jordan has probably had her hands in almost every job at K&W. Her dirt covered hands & smiling face were featured on K&W’s billboards this year. She thinks it’s hysterical that people assume it was a staged photo shoot. “I was just having fun during a hands-on workshop, and mugging for the camera. I am happiest with my hands in good garden soil!”

Interesting Facts about Dee:  Jordan attended North Carolina State University and says her dorm room view of the University’s greenhouses made her homesick for K&W often. She has one active 10 year old son, Nic, who is completely obsessed with football.
Hobbies:  Mowing the lawn! Really, Jordan loves to mow the lawn and help out at the family farm vegetable plot. And of course, attending all those Janesville Youth Football games.
Favorite Plants:  She didn’t even hesitate: “Lupine. I just love that plant”. Could be because she grows some of the loveliest specimens around in her sheltered flower garden.
Favorite Season:  “Fall, definitely. The colors, the smell of burning leaves, the excitement of the kids heading back to school. Needing a sweatshirt after the heat of summer….I love Fall!”