Shade Gardening with Perennials

Cool down in the shade! Shady spots can be tricky but not if you know what thrives in the dark cool areas of your yard.

Tough Perennials

In Wisconsin, we know it can be very cold. Which perennials will survive our brutal winters? We’ll discuss the varieties that don’t mind our harsh environment.

Creating a Perennial Garden

Starting with the best dirt. What does it take to put a perennial garden together? Lets explore together.

Proven Winners

The Proven Winners brand is the number one plant brand in the country. Our guest speaker will have lots of great info on new and exciting plants.

New Varieties

Everybody’s favorite talk!! Find out all the new stuff before anyone else.

Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital

They are one of the largest wildlife rehabilitation hospitals in the country. They are located in Lake Geneva and are going to educate us on all sorts of stuff. They are asking for our wonderful audience to bring an item from their wish list. We have the list printed for more

Plant Health in Climate Change

With all this crazy weather how do I keep my plants happy? Good question. Char has some great advice on preserving good plant health in spite of bad weather.

Tomato Growing Success

Want to grow the best tomatoes ever? What can you plant with tomatoes? How many plants can I grow in this space? Dee, your tomato guru, will have all of your answers.